"The most profound, foundational, healing tool in my Functional Medicine practice"
-- Dr. Khanna

The GUT is in the center of your body and is central to your health. 

Rebalancing the gut addresses the root of disease -- from fatigue, brain-fog, insomnia, and mood disorders to acne, skin conditions, joint disorders, hormone imbalance, and autoimmune disease.

Most people have accumulated several insults to the gut by the time they reach adulthood.

Here are some of the ways the gut becomes imbalanced:

1) Antibiotics

2) Food sensitivities

3) Environmental toxins and pesticides

4) Birth control pills

5) As an infant, being bottlefed and birth by C-section 

Welcome to The Gut Cleanse Guide. An online course to help you reset your gut and address the root cause of disease.

In this GUT reset guide, Dr. Nisha Khanna, Functional Ayurvedic MD shares with you one of the most popular, foundational healing tools she's used in her medical practice. 

My Weed, Seed, Feed approach to gut rebalancing 

You receive my complete one month guide which includes detailed dietary recommendations, a guided herbal supplement protocol, a sample meal-plan, and delicious recipes perfected in my own kitchen. 

I'm so excited for you to notice and share the benefits!

The Gut Cleanse Guide

The guide consists of 4 modules, complete with all the instructions you need to be guided through a Functional gut cleanse and reset.

Module 1: Laying a Foundation for Detox

During this first module, we prepare your body for the Gut Cleanse.

I share with you how to

·       Optimize your three, primary, daily detox pathways and

·       Minimize the influx of environmental toxins such as pesticides, plastics, and heavy metals.

I guide you through boosting detox on the cellular level and macro level, so that when you layer in the cleanse you receive the most benefit.

This module is linked with directories on how to wisely shop organic and recommended water filtration systems.

Module 2: Leaky Gut

In the next module, I share with you the 'Why' of the cleanse, what leaky gut means, how it is created, and what we are going to do to fix it.

I also share with you my experience with Functional Medicine lab testing and why I often bypass this step to deliver the treatment -- The Gut Reset Guide in your hands directly today.

Module 3: Weed, Seed, Feed

This is the heart of the cleanse, where I detail the cleanse procedure including recommended supplements and dietary guidelines. You receive my:

·       Supplement Instructions with my dispensary link

·       Food guidelines 

·       Sample Meal Plan

·       Recipe E-Book

Module 4: Post-Cleanse Instructions

In this last module, I guide you through how to come out of the cleanse.

I share with you my 3 Step Gut Healing Protocol to best seal in the benefits of the cleanse.

I also share with you the best way to conduct an Elimination Reintroduction of inflammatory foods, that were removed during the cleanse.

Course Curriculum

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  Detox Foundation
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  Leaky Gut
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  Weed, Seed, and Feed
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  Post-Cleanse Instructions
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Nisha is a board-certified Internist who has been practicing medicine since 2005. Pursuing further education in Ayurveda and Functional Medicine, today she runs her private practice in Functional Ayurveda in Austin, TX. She works with the patient’s entire mind-body-spirit complex and favors treatment plans that center on hormone balance and intestinal health. Her focus is on patient education and empowerment.


Dr. Khanna uses the breadth of her knowledge and experience bridging East and West, old and new, across time and space to offer true Integrative medical care. Her consultations favor a patient-centered approach. When she's not in direct clinical practice, she enjoys offering patient education on prevention and treatment.